About us

PrintyPaint is a young team with a big vision: to revolutionize the gift world with personalized products. We want to create a virtual place where everyone can find very personal and individual gifts.

When looking for gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays, we are fed up with giving away just bouquets of flowers, wine and chocolate.We want more: a true gift experience for you and your loved ones!< /strong>

That's why we're taking the reins into our own hands and are delighted that, after intensive development work, we've found original designs and specialized suppliers that meet our high standards : With us you will find personalized gifts with a wow effect.

We are creative minds who love to make others happy. Having you as a happy customer, is the best gift for us k.

Who did you give a special present to last? Maybe now is the right moment for it.

Your PrintyPaint team