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Are you looking for a personalized girlfriend mug? You can place 1, 2, 3, 4 or even 5 friends on our personalized friendship mugs and customize them with names. You choose your hairstyle, outfit and background - so you can design the best friend mug just the way you want it. Of course, the mug for the best friend should not be without a friendship saying - there are many friendship sayings for the back of the mug to select. You can create the girlfriends cup very easily: with a few clicks your unique piece is ready. Thanks to our exclusive live preview, you can see at a glance whether you like the result or whether you still need to make adjustments. Designing your best friend mug will be an unforgettable shopping experience - you won't miss out on having fun.

5 good reasons ❤️ for a personalized friendship cup:

  • A gift with WOW effect
  • A gift that arouses emotions
  • A gift to remember
  • A gift for everyday use as a coffee cup or tea cup
  • A gift for every occasion

Are you wondering for which occasion a best friend mug is suitable as a gift? Here are the 10 most common occasions that a girlfriend mug is created for:

  • For Christmas
  • For birthdays
  • For in between as a gift
  • Say thanks or sorry
  • Hen party/bachelorette party
  • To the graduation ceremony
  • To the exam
  • About pregnancy
  • To the engagement
  • To the driver's license

To make it short: you can't go wrong with the personalized girlfriend mug - on the contrary: it makes every special occasion a highlight. And the good thing about it: the coffee cup or tea cup for your girlfriend is guaranteed to be used and is not a gift that gathers dust!

Nowdesign a friendship cup and give joy!